Pageantry of The Home main entrance is accentuated with a sophisticated carved door, the real work of art. Through the door, you enter in a spacious lobby – and you are at home! Then you come into The Home parlor filled with air and light, where the glassed walls remove the boundary between the interior and the surrounding scenery. You are contemplating the nature charm while being enclosed by comfort and safety. 
The designer fireplace plays the first fiddle in creating a special atmosphere of The Home lobby. Cozy sofas and armchairs are the best place of getting together. The fireplace occupies the whole wall of this airy room and becomes a point of attraction, the major accent of the entire inner space. Nearby the fireplace you can have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine when talking to your quests or just sitting alone and looking at the open flame, and being wrapped up by The Home music.
The building architect prefers to use natural materials – stone, wood, and glass. Here are no little things; every detail is thoroughly considered – from a door handle to a postbox. A see-through panoramic elevator harmoniously blends with the atmosphere of lightness and transparency. Pageantry and chastity are felt everywhere – in the choice of color scale, furniture design, and in the elegant wooden reception stand. Any, even a tiny one, detail brings its loud note into the whole melody of the house. 
The lobby is The Home visit card presented at the very first meeting.