The Home is the House with capital H. It’s the place of power, inspiration and harmony. It’s a group of three buildings different in their design. The first building is our dignities to Art Deco; the second one is a modern interpretation of Jurmala wooden architecture; and the third building mirrors openness and love to nature, peculiar to projects of future. Each person will find here the House of his choice. There is no place for compromise; everyone will choose an epoch and style close to his heart and soul. If you like chic and direct expressiveness, structures and colors, your choice is Art Deco building. A romantic person will choose leisurely strolls and remembrances, and a house with wooden lacework. The house “without limits” with huge windows as invisible boundaries between interior and environment will be possibly preferable for an active and public person. This opportunity of choice makes The Home with exceptional among other projects. Article the in the project’s name underlines its uniqueness and our true respect to home as a common noun. 
The past, present and future, the harmony of body, mind and soul incarnated in The Home are combined in the sound of the Universe, the sound-Creator, the sound of Power – OM (Aum). Here the harmony is everywhere, also in the house name – The Home.