A gentle hand of the architect touched each apartment; he thought over insolation, layout and functionality of each room in the house, taking into account the comfort and reliability. The Home consists of 21 apartments of the area from 55 to 166 square meters and with the possibility of combining apartments in the latter stages of construction. Even an apartment with the area of 76 meters has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Each apartment in the Home has a spacious balcony with a minimum width of 1.80 meters. The third floor apartments have private terrace on the roof and the first floor apartments have their own enclosed territory.
The panoramic windows from the very floor let you enjoy wonderful views, observe moods of nature, change of day and night – to feel as a part of the Universe. Spacious parlors with kitchen area are the best place for meeting your friends and relatives.
The bulk of apartments are offered to furnish "for final". You can choose prepared interior-project. We also took into consideration the interests of those who would prefer to buy ready-made solutions. For them, we prepared several options of apartments – fully decorated, with fitted kitchen, bathroom fixtures, lighting and furniture.
The Home offers full service turnkey. The Home customers will be provided with professional advice and recommendations and proposed services of designers and builders of high quality work. By your request, we can take over the organization of construction work, the creation of the apartment interior and strict control over these processes. Regardless of your choice, you always get a guaranteed quality.