"Elegance is generosity, which a man endues things with", once said the famous French author Honoré de Balzac. The noble, elegant luxury has become a unique code of Jurmala. And The Home skillfully uses this code. The architectural image, and the interior of the building have not trace of excessive show and puffery; they are distinguished by restrained nobility. 
Here, each detail is thought over, as well as every wish of The Home resident. For example, you can bring your purchases from the car to your apartment on a special cart. If you wish to ride a bike along the beach, you can use a stylish bicycle with The Home logo. Someone may say: "Superfluity". But there is no trifles in elegance, everything is interconnected and refined. 
Perhaps the best attribute of life in The Home is courtesy and mutual respect, as a sign of elegance in relations among neighbors, with respect to The Home. 
The elegant life goes on behind the walls of The Home. Jurmala architecture shows samples of refined taste, elegance, lightness and harmony with nature, which are simply unique here. And this completely exceptional, blissful and triumphant environment determines the life style of the resort town. Winning restaurants and tiny cafes, chic "brand" stores and street stalls, rides and street musicians... It all seems elegant, and all people look beautiful. Why? Maybe it is you who read this riddle of Jurmala.