Serenity is born at home, and The Home confirms the truth. There is no need to worry, you can feel completely safe and secure here. The Home is absolutely safe due to advanced technology and professional service. Day and night security is realized by using video surveillance cameras located around the perimeter of the building, in the garage and on each floor. The apartments are equipped with video intercoms with color monitors. Each apartment is connected to the alarm with output to the control of the security company, and the access is controlled with a programmable chip cards. Speed of the security service response is three minutes. All apartments are equipped with modern fire safety system. The Home is designed to ensure that you have no worries or cares – just peace of mind, good health and positive emotions. 
Residents of our house shouldn’t worry about everyday problems, The Home staff is always ready to help far and wide – to find a professional maid, to organize the overall cleaning of the apartment, to fix a home cinema, hiring waiters for the reception on the terrace, to ensure clean and tidy apartment in the absence of hosts. Service office of the building will always offer the best and proven solution. 
Around the clock concierge service in the lobby and a thorough face-control of all the guests will ensure that nothing and no one disorders the philosophy of a quiet life in The Home.