Project developer R. Evolution City is the creator of the iconic projects in the Latvian real estate market. CityZen complex was voted the Best House in 2005. Chocolate project received a special award for the Best Architecture and the title of the Best House in 2006. The Republic of Sun project was named the Best Project of the Year (2007). Backstage house (Aizkulises) became the first in the contest the Best Elite Project (2007). The same developers worked on such projects as Bikirnieku 200 residential complex, reconstruction of Smilga 10 house, and Jonathan, the elite residential complex on the banks of the Daugava River. 
R. Evolution City is a team of specialists in different areas (finance, law, marketing, planning, construction). The developer has extensive resources and expertise to implement a complete management and promotion of investment projects in the Latvian property market. 
The main demands in choosing partners for the project realization are experience with up-market projects, the reputation of a reliable partner, honesty, openness and the lack of compromise regarding the quality of goods and services.