The Home is situated in a unique location of Jurmala – on the avenue Dzintaru. It is the area of exclusive private villas and luxury apartment houses: Jurmala Wave, Captains Club and others. Premium class housing creates a special atmosphere of luxury and tranquility, as well as forms a single architectural group and harmonious landscape that never ceases to please the eye. 
On the one hand, the avenue Dzintaru is the very center of Jurmala; five minutes of slow walking and you are in front of Dzintari Concert Hall, or you can turn right on the promenade Joma, where resort life is bustling day and night. At the same time, The Home is located away from the hustle and vacationers. There always is silence: on one side, only dune area in 100 meters separates the project site from the sea, on the other, the famous Jurmala park is nearby. That is a part of wood turned into a landscaped recreation area with cafes, playgrounds, the paths for bicycles, roller skates and skateboards. 
Fifteen minutes walking or five minutes by bicycle will bring you to a legendary Jurmala market. Just a few minutes to the beach – and you're in the hotel Light House enjoying breakfast on the terrace overlooking the open sea with the rustle of waves. Next door to The Home is Amber Spa Hotel, a 10-minute walking is Baltic Beach Hotel and Jurmala SPA Hotel with spa-salons and gyms. 
Just imagine the variety of opportunities in a distance of “one step" away from The Home. The unique location has demanded a unique project – for feeling not just at home but at The Home with its philosophy of elegance, harmony, and unhurried quiet life close to nature.