Over the years Jurmala has greatly changed – except its boundless sea, the noise of pines over our heads and golden sand under the feet. Experienced people come here for peace, tranquility and the unique atmosphere that can be hardly described in words, but which is felt in everything – in a monotone noise of the waves running on the sand, in the taste of salt on the lips, in the sweet smell of strawberries and in the tiny ambers, which you can find on the shore after the tide... 
Jurmala is famous for its centuries-old traditions of healing: a moderate climate, the fresh pine air, the soothing rustle of the waves, silky beach of white quartz sand – a kind of natural spa. Climatotherapy excellently cures from stress, fatigue and depression. The atmosphere of relaxation, recreation and unity with nature is felt in clean paved paths, in houses in lush, trimmed lawns, and flowerbeds. Here you always feel relaxed and unhurried: while walking in the woods, jogging on the beach, or riding a bike. Time flows more slowly in Jurmala, almost freezes here giving you a fully enjoyment of absolute harmony. 
If you are a connoisseur of solitude, yacht clubs on the coast of Lielupe suggest you walking along the river on a yacht. For lovers of water sports there are offered the lessons in wakeboard or water-skiing, bikes, and boats. You can visit Europe's largest water amusement park. It's also exciting to spend time on the golf course, compete with your friends or take lessons at the tennis courts of Jurmala. You are welcome to use a unique opportunity to undergo therapy with horseback riding or explore the surrounding area on horseback. And it's only two-hour flight from the noisy and hectic Moscow. 
Jurmala will also please those who prefer a fun and noisy companies; starting in the late spring and ending up in the early autumn the Dzintari Concert Hall gives daily concerts. Joma Street is also known for its clubs and summer nightlife. Here, on the regular basis you can meet well-known persons of the Russian show business as well as old, good friends. Welcoming restaurants, cafes and designer shops open their doors to you; shops of handicraft and organic products impress you with their abundance. If you’d suddenly like to expand you choice, Jurmala is only 25 km from the Riga center. 
For some people Jurmala is associated with childhood and carefree rest, for others with youth and romantic walks by the sea, for somebody else with knowledge of the life meaning. But every come back here is as the return to yourself, especially if you're coming back to The Home.